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香港佳帝    品质铸就

Jiadi Hong Kong    Quality Casting

佳帝实业成立于2001年,总部位于香港,是一家为 建筑行业提供涂料、防水材料、建筑乳液、沥青乳化涂料、水性硅藻系列产品及**施工方案的**性建材企业。多年以来,公司依托 高水准的研发实验室、现代化的生产车间、**的产品质 量以及完善的售后服务体系,**了良好的消费者口碑。

Jiadi Industrial was established in 2001.Headquartered in Hong Kong, it is a global building material company providing coatings, waterproof materials, architectural emulsions, asphalt emulsion coatings, water-based diatoms and construction solutions for the construction industry.Over the years, the company has earned a good reputation among consumers by relying on high-level R&D laboratories, modern production workshops, first-class product quality and perfect after-sales service system.

佳帝防水    着眼**

Jiadi waterproof    Focus on the world

香港佳帝实业,在中国**先后分别成立太原市佳 帝涂料有限公司和广州佳帝 建筑材料有限公司,**建立三大生产基地,分别位于广州、太原、祁县,总占地面积一千余亩。

经过15年的发展历程,佳帝实业 完成了三大产品体系鼎立的综合布局,分别是涂料系列、防水系列以及**推出的硅藻系列。其中,硅藻系列 涵盖了佳帝硅藻泥、硅藻佳帝泥、硅藻佳帝墙涂、硅藻米、佳帝足垫、硅藻墙等产品。

多年来,佳帝实业**与与日本、德国方面的**及机构保持着**合作与交流。伴随着硅藻泥行业的**发展,在吸取国外****与经验的基础上,公司于2015年在太原 建立了硅藻产品研发**,**从事硅藻 系列的研发生产。发展至今,公司已形成了自主**研发、注重品牌营销、面向**招商的**战略布局。

Jiadi Industry has established Taiyuan Jiadi Paint Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Jiadi Construction Materials Co., Ltd. in mainland China respectively. The company has established three major production bases in Guangzhou, Taiyuan, and Ji County, covering a total area of one thousand. mu.

After 15 years of development, Jiadi Industry has completed a comprehensive layout of the three major product systems, namely paint series, waterproof series and the newly launched diatom series. Among them, the diatom series covers the Jiadi diatom mud, diatom Jiadi mud, diatom algae wall coating, diatom rice, Jiadi footpad, diatom wall and other products.

Over the years, Jiadi Industrial has always maintained technical cooperation and exchanges with experts and institutions in Japan and Germany. Accompanied with the rapid development of the diatom mud industry, on the basis of absorbing advanced foreign technology and experience, the company established a diatom product R&D center in Taiyuan in 2015, specializing in research, development, and production of diatoms. Since its development, the company has formed a new strategic layout for independent technology research and development, focusing on brand marketing, and attracting investment across the country.

防水使命    传承**

Waterproof Mission    Heritage Classic


佳帝人在 秉承优良传统的同时,不断的与时俱进、**自我、**,在“服务大众,发展自我”的坚定信念的指引下,以“发展民族品牌,创建世界企业”为使命,勇担社会责任,持之以恒地为******的人居环境作出**大的贡献。

Since its establishment, Jiadi has always adhered to the service philosophy of "Quality First, Sincerity Management" and has been dedicated to doing a good job of products and services. After years of development, more than 20,000 sales outlets have been formed nationwide. The independent research and development team, excellent leadership team, advanced production equipment, elegant office environment, and considerate customer service have molded Jiadi’s excellent product quality and first-rate brand reputation.

While adhering to the fine traditions, Jiadi people continue to advance with the times, challenge themselves, and innovate. Under the guidance of the firm belief of “serving the public and developing themselves”, the mission is “to develop national brands and create a world enterprise”. We must bravely assume our social responsibilities and continue to make greater contributions to creating a greener living environment.

Enterprise memorabilia

企业使命:发展民族品牌 创建世界企业 追求**品质 服务**生活


随着**地区经济 发展和防水涂料市场的日成熟,以及人们对**意识的不断提高,广州佳帝 实业有限公司经过对中国**市场实地**和周密筹备,与太原佳 帝涂料有限公司**合作,引进**的**防水**和**原材料为基础,**执行生产 和销售的全过程。

佳帝防水 力求成为中国**防水涂料和**涂装的**,秉承**的企业文化,本着**、科学、务实、求精的经营理念,**坚持在****防水行业的**,**奉行**化、规范化管理、诚信为本、以高质量的产品,**的**支持和热情周到的**售后服务回报社会,实现品牌经营、倾心打造 中国防水行业**品牌,打造**企业。

Corporate Mission: Developing National Brands, Creating a World Business, Pursing Excellence, Serving Human Life

Corporate purpose: to serve customers wholeheartedly

With the maturation of the economic development and waterproof coating market in the mainland and the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, Guangzhou Jiadi Industrial Co., Ltd. has conducted in-depth investigations and thorough preparations for the Chinese mainland market and has in-depth cooperation with Taiyuan Jiadi Coating Co., Ltd. With the introduction of leading professional waterproof technology and imported raw materials, the company will fully implement the entire process of production and sales.

Jiadi waterproof strives to be the forerunner of high-grade waterproof coatings and environmental protection coatings in China. It upholds excellent corporate culture and adheres to the business philosophy of environmental protection, science, pragmatism, and refinement. It always adheres to the forefront of the international advanced waterproofing industry and always pursues internationalization. , standardized management, integrity-based, high-quality products, professional technical support and warm and thoughtful permanent after-sales service back to the community, to achieve brand management, cherished to build the first brand of China's waterproof industry, build a century-long enterprise.

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